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Carpark Consultation Service

In order to protect the interests of property owners and the developers, a car park should successfully fulfill the needs of end-users and property owners. Besides the professional operation management, professionals should get involved in the period of property design and construction.

Every top management member of Urban Parking has more than ten years experience in car park design and income evaluation. They are involved in many car park projects of Hong Kong and China government, property developers, surveyors, and architectures .

Consulting services for planning of new projects regarding the car park portion include:

  • Advise on the works specification of car park equipment, future operation costs, so that concerning works for the car park control equipment can be done during construction period to minimize costs.
  • Provide professional opinion on car park design plan.
  • Draft the car park tender document and other related documents.
  • Advise on the design of parking bay and drive way, or evaluate on the car park operations and provide improvement plan, in order to maximize the usage rate of the car park.
  • Advise on the draft of DMC to protect the owners’ future interest.
  • Base on the point of view of the property owners and end-users, advise on the types and quantity of parking bays, the drive way arrangement, and the management system applications to design the most valued car park.

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