Interior Design of Car Park

Every top management member in Urban Parking believes that car park is a micro road transport system. The interior design of the car park must have clear and informative signage system.

A high-quality car park should provide proper direction to drivers; at the same time it should protect the safety of pedestrians; therefore, it must have a clear signage system. The signage system can show the exit directions and the destination of the exits to drivers and passengers. It also should have an easy-to-tell position of parking bays and floor numbers, the direction of shroff office, and emergency number and contact method.

If the car park is at the large shopping center or commercial building, the interior design of car park should be matched with the entire identity of the building.

Urban Parking believes that a professional interior design is very important to effectively run a car park system. Urban Parking, therefore, aims to provide professional interior design service to any type of car park:

  • Advise on the design concept in the construction period, including the installation of lighting system.
  • Implement the innovative area-design concept.
  • Provide user-friendly signage system.
  • Evaluate the duration of floor material .